Why You Should Consider a Holistic Doctor

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Why You Should Consider a Holistic Doctor

If you are suffering from a medical condition that is not improving – or you are fatigued, are experiencing weight gain, sexual problems or mood swings, or you simply don’t feel like your best self best – you may want to consider seeing a holistic doctor.

Before you envision some sort of new age shaman with magic potions, rest assured that true holistic doctors like Dr. Hakim, are actual MDs who have gone to medical school and are board certified.

A holistic doctor is simply a physician who considers the person as a whole – body, mind, emotions and lifestyle – to help the patient achieve optimal health and wellness in all areas of their life.

Many doctors – especially specialists – just treat the body part or organ that is unwell, without looking at the whole “big picture”. However, holistic doctors recognize that a person is more than just an assortment of body parts. A holistic doctor, like Dr. Hakim in Bloomfield Hills, brings the entire body into balance – so that the patient can live their daily life with health, energy and vitality.

The Philosophy of Holistic Doctors

The holistic doctors’ philosophy is that every organ, system and part of the body is interdependent with each other – and when one part of the body is not well, all the other parts will be negatively affected. Holistic doctors don’t just treat individual symptoms in isolation – they look at the body and the person as a whole, so they can get to the cause of the issue and remedy the problem.

For example, the “easy” fix to a recurring headache is just to prescribe a pain medication – which many doctors do. But a holistic doctor will try to determine the causative factors – which may be dietary, stress related (like tense neck muscles or grinding teeth), or a medical condition such as elevated blood pressure.

In this way the holistic doctor can implement a treatment plan that attacks the cause of the headache – not just the symptom of pain. Wouldn’t you rather stop getting headaches altogether, than having them and relying on medications (which can have long term side effects)?

Holistic Doctors’ Treatments

Because holistic doctors are indeed full-fledged MDs who have gone to medical school they do use all forms of standard health care, including conventional medications and treatments when indicated. But they are generally more open to also using alternative – yet safe and medically sound – practices, such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, massage therapy, and similar more natural approaches, when appropriate.

Holistic Doctors’ & Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

One area where holistic doctors often excel is looking at, and treating, the hormone balance within the patient’s body.

Hormones regulate or affect almost every aspect of the body, including: energy, sleep patterns, weight gain, hair growth, mood, sex drive, blood sugar, heart health, and much, much more. So when hormone production declines or is out of balance, every aspect of overall health and quality of life can suffer. 

A holistic doctor like Dr. Hakim in Bloomfield Hills will conduct a comprehensive examination and collect a detailed patient history. Next she conducts thorough, highly specific blood work to determine the type and extent of the patient’s individual hormone imbalance.

In most cases the treatment prescribed for hormone imbalance by the holistic doctor will be customized, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – to help bring the entire body back into balance. Like everything the holistic doctor does, the treatment is natural, comprehensive, and individualized to meet the needs of the patient as a whole.

Holistic Doctor – Bloomfield Hills, MI

If you are suffering from a medical condition, or you simply don’t feel your best, are frequently tired and out of energy, or have weight gain, sleep issues, sexual problems or mood swings, your body may be out of balance. Don’t suffer in silence, or give up on doctors. There IS something you can do about it!

Contact Dr. Nishath Hakim, MD at Prosperity Health in Bloomfield Hills and schedule an appointment for a thorough workup and diagnosis. She is a compassionate and highly trained holistic medical doctor, who will help you get your body and your life back in balance.

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