The Hormone Replacement Pellet Process

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The Hormone Replacement Pellet Process

One of the essential components of health and wellness is maintaining the proper balance of hormones within the body. Hormonal imbalances, and decreases in hormone production, can cause a wide variety of symptoms, as well as put a person at risk for a great number of health problems.

Bioidentical hormone pellets are designed to provide consistent relief to individuals suffering from hormonal imbalances. At Prosperity Heath in the West Bloomfield area board certified internist Dr. Nishath Hakim, MD has helped countless individuals live happier, healthier lives through the use of bioidentical hormone therapy pellets.

The BioTE hormone replacement therapy process is designed to undo the effects of a hormonal imbalance in a consistent and convenient way that provides maximum relief – while eliminating the inconvenience of daily pills or messy creams.

Dr. Nishath Hakim and her friendly staff staff are committed to making sure every patient has a comfortable and satisfying hormone replacement pellet therapy experience at our West Bloomfield area office. In this article we explain the entire hormone replacement pellet process.

Hormone Replacement Pellets – Consultation

Anyone who thinks they would benefit from hormone replacement therapy pellets is encouraged to schedule a consultation at our Bloomfield Hills or Canton, MI office with board certified internist Dr. Nishath Hakim. During the consultation, Dr. Hakim will determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate for hormone replacement pellet therapy.

Patients deemed eligible will then have an appointment scheduled to have their first pellet inserted. Before beginning hormone replacement therapy, patients must first undergo a comprehensive blood panel.

Hormone Replacement Pellets – Insertion

Hormone replacement therapy begins by having the insertion sight -typically around the upper buttocks- anesthetized with a fast acting local anesthetic. A tiny incision is then made through which the pellet is inserted, which is then covered by a small bandage.

Note that, over time, the hormone replacement pellets will dissolve completely, at which point they will be absorbed by the body. So there is no need to have them removed.

Complete hormonal optimization from hormone replacement pellets can take up to six weeks to reach. However, many of our Canton, MI patients notice improvement as soon as two to four weeks after their pellets have been inserted.

Hormone Replacement Pellets – Aftercare

Hormone replacement pellet patients do not experience any downtime after having their pellets inserted. However, best results are achieved by adhering to a few simple aftercare precautions.

Hormone therapy patients should refrain from engaging in lower body exercise for a brief period after their pellet has been inserted, avoiding anything more strenuous than walking. While hormone therapy pellet patients may shower, they must not submerge themselves in bathtubs or hot tubs, and must also refrain from swimming for a few day.  

Since hormone replacement therapy pellets are bioidentical, they contain only hormones produced naturally by the body. This means that, over time, they will dissolve completely, leaving nothing whatsoever behind in the body.

Hormone Replacement Pellet – Frequency

Since the symptoms of a hormone imbalance with be unique to each individual person, each of our patients will have their own unique path to hormone optimization. The cause and degree of your hormone deficiency will be different from every other patient – so your treatment will be designed just for you.

We provide each of our patients with a customized hormone replacement therapy treatment plan specially designed to meet their specific needs. Over the course of your hormone replacement therapy treatment, Dr. Hakim will monitor your body’s hormone levels, and will adjust your treatment plan accordingly. 

Hormone Replacement Pellets – West Bloomfield Area

At Prosperity Health in the West Bloomfield area we strongly believe that a hormone imbalance shouldn’t be enough to prevent living a happy, healthy life. Through treatment with hormone replacement pellet therapy, patients can finally experience significant, consistent relief from the symptoms of their hormone imbalance.

 For more information about the many benefits of hormone replacement pellet therapy, schedule a consultation with Canton, MI board certified internist Dr. Nishath Hakim, MD today.

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