Food Intolerance Testing

Is Your Food at War with Your Immune System?

Food intolerance occurs when our bodies can’t properly break down and metabolize certain foods causing inflammation that leads to many negative symptoms. It’s different than a food allergy, which is an immediate immune system overreaction to food. Not only is it at least two times more common than a food allergy, it can go undiagnosed for years, or even a lifetime, wreaking havoc on our bodies and even our minds.

There's more than an 80% chance that you're intolerant/sensitive to foods you eat every day. – Nishath Hakim, MD

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Acid Reflux

Acne / Rosacea

Brain Fog





Food Cravings

Gas / Bloating

Headaches / Migraines

Irritable Bowel

Joint Pain


Skin Rashes

Weight Gain

I Think I May Have a Food Intolerance, What Now?

Call Prosperity Health today! Our staff has undergone specialized training in the identification and treatment of food intolerance. We use an advanced test that accurately pinpoints the food(s) that respond negatively with your system – all with just a few drops of blood from a basic finger prick. It’s quick and easy.

The majority of our patients who test positive for one or more food intolerances show a significant improvement in their symptom(s) within three weeks by following prescribed diet alterations. It can be a truly life changing experience!


Odds of Experiencing Food Intolerance per Day

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