Vitamins & Supplements | Royal Oak, MI

Dr. Nishath Hakim, MD at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI is expertly trained in using natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and bio-identical hormones, to boost your health and keep you feeling rejuvenated. If supplements are needed to balance your hormones, correct nutritional deficiencies or improve physical or mental ailments, we provide professional-grade natural products that are safe and effective treatment options.

While food should be the fundamental source of nourishment and healing in the body, it is often difficult or impossible to get all of the nutrients we need from our daily diet. The importance of a physician-led natural supplementation plan cannot be understated. Taking recommended supplements combined with a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper hydration is a key therapy in restoring your health.

Each vitamin or supplement product is recommended or prescribed by Nishath Hakim MD to ensure that its ingredients support the latest science and advancements in nutritional medicine and will help you achieve the goal of optimal health. Dr. Hakim is an expert in both nutritional science and custom formulation of nutrients and has developed her own line of supplements to help her patients obtain the heath and wellness they deserve. Dr. Hakim is also an expert at supplement-prescription drug interactions, ensuring your health and safety.

If you live in the greater Detroit or Royal Oak, MI area, schedule a comprehensive nutrition consultation and testing with Dr. Nishath Hakim – and take the first step to regaining your health and feeling your best!