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Functional Medicine Doctors Treat Men’s Whole Health

Men’s functional medicine doctors do not just manage symptoms – they optimize the body’s entire system so that everything functions in balance. With comprehensive diagnostic testing and personalized treatment plans, functional medicine doctors address weight management, stress reduction, testosterone replacement, and gut health optimization that empowers men to prevent disease and live with vitality at every age....

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Why Traditional Doctors Misdiagnose Diseases in Menopausal Women

Unfortunately, many traditional doctors and medical practitioners encounter challenges in diagnosing and treating menopausal women accurately. But functional medicine doctors use advanced testing and personalized treatment plans to address the root causes of disease to optimize health and improve the quality of life for women navigating menopause – so they can live with wellness and vitality at every age....

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Why More Men Are Getting Botox & Other Aesthetic Treatments

The increase in men’s aesthetic treatments is notable, with statistics from reputable sources like the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons revealing a significant increase in men seeking non-surgical aesthetic procedures. But this trend in increased men’s cosmetic procedures is NOT just about vanity! Studies show that younger looking and more attractive men, tend to both earn more and be promoted more frequently....

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Natural Estrogen Therapy Treats & Prevents Osteoporosis

At Prosperity Health Dr. Hakim offers natural estrogen pellet therapy as the most convenient and effective treatment for preventing and treating osteoporosis. After thoroughly researching the recommendations of reputable medical organizations and the robust body of clinical evidence, Dr. Hakim has determined that BHRT pellet therapy is the premium treatment for women seeking to maintain strong and resilient bones....

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Ten Trends in Natural Medicine to Watch in 2024

Traditional medicine often focuses only on managing symptoms – without addressing the root cause of the problem. As a result, patients become dependent on pills or other treatments without ever curing the underlying illness or physical imbalance. As more and more people become disenchanted and frustrated with this approach, natural medicine continues to gain momentum. In this article Dr. Hakim shares 10 trends in natural medicine, which are expected to make an impact on healthcare in 2024....