Laboratory Testing | Royal Oak, MI

Regular blood testing is a crucial aspect of proactive healthcare, because it can detect potential health issues early on and guide personalized wellness plans. Thorough and advanced laboratory testing can also identify imbalances or deficiencies in the body that may be the underlying root cause of symptoms of illness.

Dr. Nishath Hakim and her team understand the importance of interpreting laboratory data to assess the body’s performance and identify areas for improvement. By comprehensively analyzing each patient’s blood test results, Dr. Hakim can pinpoint specific biochemical pathways and cellular functions that may not be functioning optimally, so that a customized treatment plan can be put in place.

Rather than solely relying on conventional “normal” reference ranges, which may not reflect individual health goals, Dr. Hakim focuses on optimizing each patient’s health based on their unique needs. This personalized approach to healthcare can diagnose underlying imbalances, to help treat or prevent disease and promote overall well-being.

With Dr. Hakim’s expertise and guidance, patients can work towards achieving optimal health and vitality. If you’re in the Detroit or Royal Oak, MI area, schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Nishath Hakim to undergo thorough lab work and embark on your journey to better health.