Micronutrient Testing | Royal Oak, MI

Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI now offers SpectraCell Micronutrient testing to help you regain control of your health and improve your well being and quality of life.

Micronutrient testing examines your blood to determine how your body is absorbing and utilizing the nutrients that it is receiving. Once any deficiencies are identified, functional medicine doctor Nishath Hakim can prescribe proper supplementation and nutrition to help treat or remedy your issues.

Micronutrient deficiency can be the root cause of feeling stressed, tired, depressed or having trouble focusing. When micronutrients are out of balance it can also cause or contribute to a wide range of chronic conditions and diseases. But restoring the body’s micronutrients can boost the immune system, increase vitality, improve sexual and sports performance, and help prevent chronic disease now and in the future.

State-of-the-art SpectraCell Micronutrient blood testing provides accurate, easy-to-understand results that give a comprehensive view of the past 6 months – unlike conventional blood tests that only show your status from a few days prior. With a simple in-office blood test, SpectraCell Micronutrient testing measures vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and metabolites – and how they are affecting your body’s cellular function.

Assessing your body’s micronutrient content and usage can help Dr. Hakim identify the causes or contributing factors of chronic illness, disease, fatigue and many other health problems. The SpectraCell micronutrient testing panel provides a detailed, personalized report of 31 factors affecting your health – so that Dr. Hakim can create a customized treatment plan to address your disease or illness, restore your health and improve your quality of life!