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PRP Facial Microneedling

Prosperity Health now offers PRP facials. This all natural anti-aging and skin rejuvenation procedure harnesses the body’s own natural regeneration to smooth and tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (“PRP”) has been used in joint regeneration medicine for more than a decade. Now this amazing technology is available to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dark spots, and smooth out scars and stretch marks.

The PRP facial procedure involves extracting plasma containing concentrated growth factors from the patient’s own blood. The centrifuged and purified plasma is then injected into the treated areas of the skin, to stimulate the skin’s cellular renewal with unparalleled results.

The PRP, which can be injected into the skin via syringe or microneedling, activates the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. As the skin repairs itself lines, wrinkles, dark spots and scars disappear – and overall tightness, tone, “plumpness,” and elasticity improve.

The PRP facial results in smoother, tighter, more beautiful, younger looking skin. If you would like to reverse the signs of aging and turn back the clock, or eliminate scars or stretch marks, schedule an appointment at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI – and see what PRP facials can do for you!

How PRP Facial Microneedling Works

Microneedling is a cellular regeneration technology that utilizes a medical grade instrument to penetrate the skin with multiple ultra-fine needles. This creates microscopic “wounds” that stimulate the skin to  repair itself on a cellular level.  As the body goes to work healing these tiny “needle pricks” it activates the production of collagen and elastin. As the body rebuild the skin cells, patients experience renewed tightness, smoothness, plumpness, and elasticity.

Before the microneedling begins, a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate out just the “Platelet Rich Plasma” (PRP). This plasma contains up to 8 times the “growth factor” found in whole blood.

During the microneedling treatment Dr. Hakim applies the extracted PRP to the skin. When combined with microneedling, the “PRP” helps the body build the new skin cells. The skin will continue to naturally rejuvenate itself over the next few weeks, and patients will see results within a month after just one PRP facial treatment.

Patients who undergo multiple PRP facial treatments – spaced about a month – will experience even greater skin smoothing and regenerating benefits.

If you are bothered by lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin – or if you have dark spots or scars you want to eliminate – schedule an appointment at Prosperity Health at our Royal Oak, MI medical office – and see how PRP facial microneedling can give you smoother, tighter, younger looking skin.

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