menopause hormone therapy royal oak

Mental Health Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause is notorious for causing “mood swings” . But recent clinical research has determined that menopause can also worsen or cause a relapse of mental health problems that existed before menopause. However, physicians are increasingly recognizing that restoring women’s hormone balance with hormone replacement therapy during menopause can naturally improve mental health –   even sometimes eliminating the need for psychiatric meds – without side effects....

hormone replacement therapy royal oak

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Many patients are afraid of hormone replacement therapy based on a wealth of bad and outdated information about HRT that they find online. So, if there is untrue info on the Internet about HRT, who does one believe? In this article, the hormone replacement therapy experts at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI review the research to help set the record straight about the safety of modern HRT modalities....


In a Weight Loss Rut? It Could be Your Hormones!

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Weight Loss -  Many men and women find that as they get older they gain weight – even though their diet or activity level hasn’t changed. For other people, their weight may stay the same but now they find fat or weight in different places – especially around the belly. One reason this happens is that a person’s hormone levels change or drop as they age. The good news is that hormone level testing, and safe, 100% natural hormone replacement can help bring an individual’s body back in balance so that they can more easily lose those extra pounds – and even take it off from their midsection! In this article Bloomfield Hills bioidentical hormone expert Dr. Nishath Hakim explains how hormone...


Menopause and Bioidentical Hormones

Can menopause symptoms be safely comforted with bioidentical hormones? Recent research suggests that menopause can be treated with bioidentical hormones, a natural replacement for a woman's body, with no reported side effects. In the past, menopause has been treated like a disease - primarily with Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT (including Premarin, which is made from pregnant mareís urine, Prempro and Provera), which meant ingesting synthetic chemicals on a regular basis. Now we know that these drugs are causing the very problems weíre trying to avoid including breast cancer and heart attacks. Bioidentical means the hormone molecule in the product, for example progesterone cream, acts exactly like the molecules produced by the female body. They function in your body in a natural and normal way unlike synthetic chemicals....