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In a Weight Loss Rut? It Could be Your Hormones!

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Weight Loss –  Many men and women find that as they get older they gain weight – even though their diet or activity level hasn’t changed. For other people, their weight may stay the same but now they find fat or weight in different places – especially around the […]

PRP Hair Loss Treatment FAQs

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Frequently Asked Questions – Hair loss can be frustrating and embarrassing, make you look much older than you are, and lead to a loss of self-confidence and lowered self-esteem. And, while “going bald” is frequently considered a men’s issue, hair loss is extremely common in women – with more than 21 […]

Microneedling: 100% Natural Skin Rejuvenation

4 Things to Know About Microneedling Natural Skin Rejuvenation –  Even those of us who live the healthiest lifestyle are not immune to the effects of aging on the skin. And, while fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are all effected by lifestyle, nutrition, heredity, sun exposure and more, signs of aging are regrettably inevitable. […]

Natural Dermal Fillers: Safe & Long Lasting!

Four Facts to Make You Comfortable with Dermal Fillers –  While most of us have a facial feature we would like to improve or enhance – such as thin lips, or creases around the mouth – many people are scared or skeptical of dermal fillers. At Prosperity Health in Bloomfield Hills, MI we understand. An […]

What’s the Difference Between Botox, Xeomin & Dysport?

Most people are familiar with Botox – a well-advertised injectable that temporarily “freezes” wrinkles in the face. But many patients are not aware that there are alternatives to Botox – that are just as effective, but that can save patients money over “brand name” Botox. There are actually three products on the market that all contain the same active ingredient (“Botulinum Type A”) and all eliminate facial wrinkles and lines in a similar way: Botox, Xeomin and Dysport. In this article the anti-aging experts at Prosperity Health in Bloomfield Hills, MI discuss the similarities and differences between Botox, Xeomin and Dysport.