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New Weight Loss Medications Make Medical Weight Loss Easier

Now Available in Royal Oak: Celebrity Weight Loss Medications In recent years, the landscape of weight loss has transformed dramatically. While it sounds too good to be true, there are now several effective medications that can effectively help you rapidly lose weight – without dangerous side effects. This is why so many celebrities are now […]

Medical Weight Loss Works When Diet & Exercise Don’t

Lose Weight & Keep it Off with Medical Weight Loss For many individuals struggling with weight loss, diet and exercise alone simply do not yield the desired results. Despite your best efforts, stubborn weight gain often persists – depositing fat where you don’t want it – leading to frustration and a sense of defeat. But […]

Botox for Brides, Grooms & Wedding Parties

Look Your Best On Your Big Day with Botox! Wedding photos are treasured keepsakes that last a lifetime, capturing the joy and beauty of your special day. To ensure you look your absolute best, many brides, grooms, and even their families are turning to Botox as a key part of their wedding preparations. At Prosperity […]

Could Your Unexplained Symptoms be Thyroid Disease?

How Functional Medicine Doctors Treat Thyroid Disease Thyroid disease is an extremely common – but often misunderstood and misdiagnosed – condition that affects millions of people in the United States worldwide. Unfortunately, traditional medical approaches may overlook signs of thyroid dysfunction, leaving many patients without the comprehensive medical care they need to feel better and […]

35 Signs & Symptoms of Menopause Doctors Can Treat

Symptoms of Menopause Doctors Can Treat with Hormone Therapy Between the ages of 40 and 60, most women encounter a variety of sudden and unfamiliar physical, mental, sexual, or emotional symptoms. While these strange symptoms may remain unexplained, or may be attributed to various illnesses, there’s a good chance that they may signify the onset […]

Is Low Testosterone Putting You at Risk for Heart Disease?

The Link Between Cardiovascular Disease & Low Testosterone (‘Low T’) in Men Most men know that low testosterone levels are associated with sexual performance issues. But most men don’t realize that testosterone deficiency (“Low T”) and cardiovascular disease in men are also intricately linked, posing significant health risks for those men who are affected. In […]

Turn Back Time with New Natural-Looking Dermal Fillers

Revance Natural-Looking Dermal Fillers – Look as Young as You Feel! Many women (and men) have considered dermal fillers in order to look younger and more attractive – but are worried about looking unnatural or like they have “had work done”. For these discerning patients, the great news is that a new dermal filler is […]

Could Poor Gut Health Be Making You Sick?

Gut Health: The Link Between the Digestive System & Illness One area of increasing focus within modern medicine is the understanding that “gut health” – what goes on in the digestive system – has a profound impact on one’s overall health, immunity, mental functioning, energy, and vitality. At Prosperity Health in the Troy, MI area, […]