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PRP Microneedling: Natural Anti Aging & Skin Resurfacing

Your favorite face cream may not be delivering the results you hoped for, because it only works superficially. But there is a solution that actually works to resurface skin from the inside out. Revolutionary PRP microneedling available at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak reverses the lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity of aging by stimulating the body to replenish its own collagen and elastin infrastructure. PRP microneedling combines two of the most advanced skin resurfacing procedures to reduce lines and wrinkles, minimize age spots and redness, and plump, tighten, and smooth the complexion for a dramatically more youthful appearance....

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Are Osteoporosis Medications Dangerous?

There are an estimated 2 million fractures due to osteoporosis in the United States every year. 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men over the age of 50 will experience an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime. While osteoporosis medications are commonly used to prevent fractures and maintain bone density, there have been some very valid concerns about the safety of these osteoporosis drugs and their side effects. In this article, integrative medicine specialist Dr. Nishath Hakim explores the risks of the most common osteoporosis drugs - and offers a natural alternative that can strengthen bones without harsh drugs medications....

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Prevent Heart Disease by Maintaining Healthy Arteries

More than half a million people die from heart disease every year - which is equivalent to 1 out of every 4 deaths. But heart disease is not something that occurs suddenly. Often, by the time patients realize they have heart disease, permanent damage has been done. The good news is that by taking care of our arteries – the way that we take care of our teeth or skin – we can help keep arteries young and healthy and prevent heart disease....

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Food Intolerance is Different than Food Allergy! Should You Be Tested?

Food “allergies” and food “intolerances” are not the same thing. Food intolerance refers to the difficulty or inability of the body to digest certain types of food. Most people know if they have a “food allergy” – because it typically causes immediate symptoms. But many individuals are not aware of “food intolerances” which may be causing them to have uncomfortable digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms. Food intolerance testing can tell you what you should or should not be eating – so you (and your gut) always feel your best!...

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Better Sexual Health at Any Age with HRT Pellets!

Women experience a decrease in hormone levels throughout the course of their lives – especially as they get older - due to various factors such as menopause, aging, medical conditions, certain medications, or surgery. And low hormone levels can cause a variety of sexual problems. In this article, the women’s sexual health experts at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI discuss how hormone replacement therapy pellets can improve women's sexual health, restore sex drive, increase sexual enjoyment, and help eliminate pain during sex....

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How Doctors Improve Men’s Sexual Health with HRT Pellets

Having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection is something almost every man will experience from time to time, but most men simply don’t want to talk their doctor about it. Instead, many men waste hundreds of dollars on drug store and online ‘miracle cures’ that cost a lot but ultimately do nothing. The good news is that remarkable, all-natural and highly effective BHRT treatment offered by men’s sexual health doctor Nishath Hakim, MD can help many men treat ED and other sexual problems....

womens sex doctor royal oak

Holistic Doctors’ Approach to Improving Women’s Sexual Health

A woman’s sexuality is extremely complex and is governed by much more than just hormones. Lifestyle factors, nutrition, underlying medical conditions, and stress – as well as hormone deficiency - can all contribute to sexual problems and dysfunction in women. Doctor Nishath Hakim, MD can help women improve their sexual health with integrative medicine that addresses the root causes of their problems. By taking a comprehensive approach to women’s sexual health she can improve vaginal health, increase sexual drive and enjoyment, enhance orgasmic function, and eliminate pain during intercourse....

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Naturally Preventing Heart Disease Starts in the Mouth!

The traditional approach to heart disease prevention has been to focus on lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, to lower risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. However, the BaleDoneen Method, now available at Prosperity Health in Royal Oak, MI offers a new and innovative approach to heart disease prevention that is backed by scientific research and has been shown to be highly effective....

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Restore Your Sex Life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone is a common issue that affects millions of men worldwide, leading to decreased libido and ED. But with the help of testosterone replacement therapy, men can restore testosterone levels, improve sexual and physical performance, and enjoy improved overall health, vitality, and well-being....