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Food Intolerance is Different than Food Allergy! Should You Be Tested?

Food “allergies” and food “intolerances” are not the same thing. Food intolerance refers to the difficulty or inability of the body to digest certain types of food. Most people know if they have a “food allergy” – because it typically causes immediate symptoms. But many individuals are not aware of “food intolerances” which may be causing them to have uncomfortable digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms. Food intolerance testing can tell you what you should or should not be eating – so you (and your gut) always feel your best!...


Food Intolerance Testing FAQs

Many people suffer from food sensitivity without realizing it - experiencing unexplained fatigue, upset stomach, headache, or other symptoms that they do not realize are related to certain foods they eat. Food intolerance testing can identify food sensitivities to improve your quality of life, eliminate stomach problems, and enable you to start enjoying eating once again!...