Weight Loss Treatments | Royal Oak, MI

Whether you have been battling your weight for a long time or simply wanting to drop those extra pounds that never seem to go away we offer medically based weight loss solutions that really work. Our scientifically focused, customized weight loss programs addresses the underlying issues that have caused people to gain weight, make them unable to lose weight, or lead them to unhealthy choices to lose or maintain their weight such as fad diets and excessive exercise.

Dr. Nishath Hakim offers the most advanced and successful medical weight loss program available today – offering both short and long term success with hundreds of patient through her customized weight loss programs. She focuses on the causes of weight gain rather than simply “cutting calories and recommending more exercise.” And she shows you how current weight loss science supports the fact that cutting calories and increasing exercise alone simply does not work for real long term weight loss.

Dr. Nishath Hakim, MD offers the most medically advanced and successful weight loss technologies available today. Our weight loss methods include new Semaglutide (Ozempic & Wegovy) weight loss shots, the HGH Producer workout, muscle mass building, nutritional testing, supplements, mineral rebalancing, vitamin injections – and specialized diets and programs for menopause and other medical conditions.

If you have been battling with obesity or excess weight for a long period of time – or you simply want to drop those extra pounds that never seem to go away – Nishath Hakim, MD in Royal Oak, MI can help you lose weight. Schedule a consultation today for an integrated approach that provides you with the most effective weight loss solutions designed just for you.