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Prosperity Health is different. We’re not a primary care office or medical clinic. We provide our patients a long-term, holistic approach to prevention and wellness.  Our practice is focused on healing and invigorating your entire being – body, mind and spirit.

Our patients receive one-on-one evaluation, ongoing consultations and a specialized treatment plan to prevent illness, restore youthful vitality and return them to optimum health. Our integrated approach combined with our concierge-style service allows for a truly exceptional and unique journey to wellness.

At Prosperity Health, You'll Experience:

Personalized treatment plans focused on prevention and wellness

Ongoing, physician-led guidance, monitoring and clinical support

A beautiful office with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

Direct access to your doctor via email, text and phone

No wait time and unhurried appointments

Convenient scheduling


Wellness Optimization

Our Services

Prosperity Health is an Integrative and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement medical practice and center that follows a holistic approach to health and prevention. This entails evaluating a patient’s full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences to determine the most appropriate treatment to resolve chronic diseases, optimize aging and empower patients to become champions for their own health and wellness.

Our Goals For You

Achieve and maintain optimum health

Discover true vitality

Embrace a prevention lifestyle

Reverse aging-related decline

Strengthen body, mind and spirit

Our Team


Nishath Hakim, MD


Nishath Hakim, MD has over 20 years of combined experience in Primary Care, Holistic Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

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New Team Member

Wellness Coordinator

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