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Read what our patients say about Dr. Hakim and our naturopathic wellness services.

Dr Hakim is extremely competent and passionate about helping her patients achieve their person goals. Her support team Ashley & Faye are very professional and knowledgeable always with prompt follow up or reminder! My only regret is not finding them sooner.

– Al V.

Dr. Hakim’s comprehensive holistic approach to optimizing health is showing amazing results for me. She and her staff are enthusiastically responsive to particular needs and questions that may arise along the way. I highly recommend Prosperity Health for their great and effective work.

– Ed M.

Dr. Hakim’s approach to medicine is refreshing, focusing on preventing those chronic conditions which as we age either limit us or kill us. A compliant patient, with her help, can change their life. At age 66 I feel better now than I have in the last 15 years.

– Steven K.

Dr. Hakim is beyond amazing!!! She has actual answers to the reasons “you” are feeling the way “you” feel!! Not just put in a group. I feel better already, and we are just getting started. It’s worth every cent. Soo happy.

-Nicole D.

I love Dr. Nishath Hakim‘s holistic integrative approach to medicine with her down to earth personality!

Prevention is key, and this Doctor’s got it!

– Colleen G.


Dr. Hakim is simply the best doctor I know. She has the blend of wisdom, experience, knowledge, compassion, and ability to explain complex ideas as manageable ones. There are not many doctors who dedicate themselves to expanding their knowledge base like she does. It’s a reflection of her passion for this work. She is focused on root causes and maximizing the basics of wellness before relying on medications. I recommend her to family & friends knowing they will be in the best hands.

– Asra S.

Dr. Hakim is amazing. I turned 50 and suffered with the 50 blues. Gaining weight. Tired mid-afternoon. Low libido. After a few tests Dr. Hakim diagnosed and began a very simple treatment regimen that fit into my busy life. In the last 4 months, I’ve lost 6 inches off my waist. Back to a 34. Tons of energy, and my libido is back. I feel 30 again!!

– Todd H.

Dr. Hakim is a dedicated, experienced, and highly trained medical professional who considers the whole person, not just the symptom. My health has improved in just a few short weeks. My follow-up appointment was over an hour with a comprehensive plan to address my health. I highly recommend any post-menopausal woman to this practice.

– Mary Ann J.

Dr Hakim and her staff at Prosperity Health have provided thorough and comprehensive assistance in my journey to finding a healthier me. They have taken the time to listen to my health history and concerns, then pursued a diagnosis when other Drs were dismissive of my struggles. I thank her and her staff for the assistance in finding my specific issue and for putting me on a path to a feeling great and a healthier life.

– Kerrie S.