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Prosperity Health’s wellness and preventive-aging programs are physician-led and customized for each patient.

Each program, listed below, incorporates integrative and holistic therapies and is designed to prevent and reverse aging-related decline while dramatically improving:

Blood pressure

Cardiovascular health


Energy & strength

Immune function

Mental sharpness

Sexual vitality

Skin tone & appearance

Weight loss & body composition

Patients Living Younger

Premier Comprehensive Wellness & Preventive-Aging Program

This premier day-long program is truly for those who aspire to reach their highest level of wellness and delay, prevent and possibly reverse the degenerative diseases of aging. Selected by most of our patients, this is the only way to go if you are serious about optimizing your quality of life. This program includes:

Blood tests to determine hormone levels and risk factors

Calculation of functional/biological age (versus chronological age)

Complete nutrition analysis

Physical examination, assessment of medical history and lifestyle

Physical performance testing and biomarker measurements

One-on-one review of your personalized program with the physician

Personalized program manual with detailed natural therapy recommendations

For optimal success, we recommend our Nutrition & Fitness Tools.

Youthful Hormone Replenishment Program

We age, in part, because our hormones decline. Hormones are the body’s communication system that regulates cellular functions and genetic expression. You were the healthiest when hormones were at optimal levels in your youthful prime. It is when hormones decline or synthetic hormones are introduced to the body that we see problems including, but not limited to: depression, fatigue, decreased sexual desire/performance, difficulty sleeping, inability to lose weight and reduced mental clarity.

At Prosperity Health, we use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address hormonal decline, which can restore vitality and delay many aging-related health problems. This program includes:

Comprehensive assessment of your hormone blood levels

Physical examination, assessment of medical history and lifestyle

Determine of your optimum hormone levels

Bio-identical hormones replacement therapy (BHRT) to replenish a youthful balance

For optimal success, we recommend our Nutrition & Fitness Tools and combining this program with Nutrition & Lifestyle Optimization.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Optimization Program

Obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the U.S. Managing a healthy weight becomes increasingly difficult as we age. Most diets fail because plans are not individualized to your needs.

Prosperity Health is different. We’ll create a unique, personalized, physician-led program just for you. Not only can we help you achieve your ideal weight, we can give you the tools to increase your overall health, increase your vitality and experience life-long weight management success. This program includes:

Physical examination, assessment of medical history

Computer analysis of your current nutritional lifestyle

Computer analysis of your body composition

Customized, dietary lifestyle plan to achieve your goals

Detailed list of natural therapy recommendations

One-on-one physician consultation and instruction

For optimal success, we recommend our Nutrition & Fitness Tools and combining this program with Youthful Hormone Replenishment.

What Our Patients Are Saying

As a physician, and her patient, I feel Dr. Hakim is one of the best doctors I know. She has the rare combination of vast knowledge, compassion, experience, and superior clinical decision-making. She goes above and beyond for every patient.



Dr. Hakim is a very kind caring doctor. She always takes plenty of time with me and I feel that she listens to my concerns and answers all my questions.



She is a very caring and compassionate doctor. Most important, she listens!!! I have great respect for Dr. Hakim and know I am receiving the best care possible.



I found Dr. Hakim to be honest, sincere, and willing to listen. I felt she had my best interest in mind and the medical plan to take control of my health was going to be a team effort. I waited a year to see her and she was worth the wait.



Dr. Hakim always takes the time to address my concerns. Her staff is also very considerate and caring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Dr. Hakim is probably one of the best doctors I have ever had! She is always very nice and I always feel happy to see her. In this visit, the problem was quickly addressed, and she made sure that I had no other issues.



Dr. Hakim spent a good amount of time with me to thoroughly address my questions and always listens very well. Her individualized approach is very appreciated! I feel my health is in excellent hands under her care.

Bernadette C.

Birmingham, MI

I appreciate the personal approach of Dr. Hakim and her super staff. Always happy mood! Thank you!

L. Webb

Ferndale, MI

Dr. Hakim really seems to listen and is unhurried. You feel like you are her sole focus and appointment for the day!

H. Wilson

Rochester, MI

Get Well, Naturally

All wellness and preventive-aging programs are physician-led, customized for each patient and may include one or all of the following natural therapy recommendations:

Achieve Long-Life Success

Your long-life success with any of our programs is assured with ongoing, one-on-one physician guidance, monitoring and clinical support. Semi-annual or annual evaluations help you stay on track. These daylong evaluations provide you an opportunity to:

Reinvigorate your motivation

Receive additional one-on-one physician education

Reassess your personal goals

Review/fine-tune your preventive-aging program

Optimum Health