Sexual Health & Vitality

Sexual Health & Vitality

BHRT, Natural Therapy, Supplements

As we age, men and women notice changes in their sex drive, sexual response, or both. Like so many other physical changes that evolve over time, these aren’t signs that you are losing your sexuality. Rather, these are most likely symptoms of decreased sex hormone levels.

At Prosperity Health, we’re experts in the evaluation and treatment of symptoms that decrease sexual health and vitality, including menopause and andropause. We’ll create a personalized, detailed plan to enhance your sexual vitality now and ensure your long-term sexual health. This plan includes lifestyle and nutrition changes to increase your overall health, addresses current medical conditions that might be impacting your sexual health and, if needed, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address hormonal decline/imbalance. This holistic approach not only helps you restore your sexual vitality, it can delay many other aging-related health problems.